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Introducing The Pillow Game

After yesterday’s update, you may be wondering what I’m working on that’s so much cooler than my Short Stories Art Project (which I’m now putting on the back burner).  Well, I did mention something about The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends, didn’t I?

What’s so important about this imaginary pillow thing, you ask?

The story of The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends is project I first conceived in January of 2012, originally called Imaginary Mafia.  It was inspired by a dream I had around that time.  In my dream, I was in a very stressful situation, where I felt emotionally and physically threatened by a specific person in my life.  Suddenly, I had an entourage of fictional characters and imaginary friends (including Aurthose, of course) surrounding me protectively, intimidating my attacker.

I assume it must be a fantasy of most authors to actually meet their characters.  After all, they are our beloved children and friends.  I then conceived of a story that could encapsulate the temptation and danger of make-believe for the creative mind.  After building up my cast of characters and dreaming up the plot and setting, I ended up with a story so massive, it could not fit into a traditional novel.

Ultimately, I ended up with the concept of a story that would be like a TV show that you read.  As of this past weekend, I finally finished drafting my first episode of this adventure.  (And I am currently working on the second.)


My soft goal for publishing to ThePillowGame.com is as follows:  I plan to finish writing the entire first season by the end of this year while working with Nikki and Shawn for art and illustrations for each episode.  Episode I should then premier in January of 2015, exactly three years from it’s conception.

For this reason, I’ll likely be less attentive to my blog in the coming months.

Let There Be Light

If you’ve ever wished you could get to Middle-earth, or that you could fly on a Firebolt like Harry Potter… If you’ve ever fallen in love with vampires that sparkle in sunlight, or a ruggedly handsome Grey Warden who hopes you’ll help him slay an Archdemon… If you feel you were born in the wrong galaxy and were really meant to be a Jedi  — or maybe the wrong century, and that you’d be more at home in Starfleet… If you wish you could have sword fights with Peter Pan and never have to grow up, or maybe just escape into the nonsense of Wonderland for a few hours…

Well, then you’ve visited a fictional world, haven’t you?

The beauty of a fictional world is that when you escape into one, you can be whoever you want; you can be the true version of yourself that you could only ever be in that world.  And when you’ve finished that story, you can be someone else — another version of your true self — in another world.  For me, as I was growing up, I fell in love with fictional worlds.  I read about them in books, I watched them in movies, I played in them on video games.  I wished more than anything that I could actually go to those places, to live like those characters.  To have epic adventures, and save the universe from the terrible evils plaguing innocent people.  To be swept off my feet in a whirlwind romance.  To overcome any  and all obstacles and live a well-earned happily ever after. 

When you’re a kid, it’s perfectly acceptable to play make-believe games and pretend you are in those worlds — or to make up worlds of your own.  But if you’re like me, you never grow out of that phase, and maybe you decide to become a writer, if only for the excuse of visiting those worlds again, or to create your own.

As someone who has not only ventured into the worlds of others, but as an author myself who has created dozens of worlds from the ground up (and is currently doing so for her epic masterpiece, CODENAME: AURIVERSE), I’ve got a lot of experience with fictional worlds.  So, coming soon to my blog, I plan to blog about this very topic in a special series called “Let There Be Light.”  The link for the series’ category will appear on the Writer page if you’re looking for it later.

In the meantime, tell me in the comments which aspects of creating fictional worlds you would like to explore with me.