Getting ready to revamp again…

(Did I mention I’m a red-head now?)

So, I have long neglected my websites because of personal reasons.  Namely, a bout of severe depression, breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of said ex-boyfriend’s apartment, being sad about the break-up, working on other creative endeavors to cheer me up, getting the fuck over said ex-boyfriend (who, as it turns out, is kind of an asshole), and being a much more social person by spending time with friends.

Honestly?  I’m probably going to keep neglecting my websites for longer still, but they have been on my mind recently.  I want to do another re-design, I think.  Largely because the current design reminds me of my ex, because we were still together when I put the design together, and I relied heavily on his feedback to get it looking good.  That, and I’m sick of it.  So, it’s time for a change.

I don’t know how far the re-design will go.  I’ll figure that out later… after I’ve neglected it some more. xD

In the meantime, check out what I made for my boy deakonlogic.  While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go listen to Demi Lovato while I get ready for bed.  (I am really into Demi right now.)

Blush by Jo Wilson May 27th in Jo History


So, this is my first piece of vanity art for the year, and the first to depict my new hair color.  (The painting doesn’t show you my ridiculously long roots, of course.)  It kind of sums up my current mood these last few months.  (You can Check it out on deviantART, if you like.)

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Bravest of Heart by Jo Wilson April 14th in Jo History


This is a portrait of my original character, Dean Cassidy, who is the main protagonist of my EPIC MASTERPIECE.  (His face is modeled after Jared Padalecki’s.)  I painted this using Photoshop CC (2014) and Wacom Intous Pen and Tablet.

Re-Reading is the BEST! @ 10:40 am

So, last night — purely for something to do — I randomly decided to watch The Host, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.  Seeing it again really only served to remind me how much I hate the movie and how much I super love the book and so I’m re-reading it now.  <3

Backstreet Boys Forever

So, last night I randomly decided I was in the mood to listen to the Backstreet Boys, which turned into an hour or so of curating my Backstreet Boys collection in iTunes.  At the height of my obsession, I tracked down almost every single for the sake of owning every B-side that never made it onto one of their albums.  I even went so far as to track down their imported stuff.  And of course, this was all before purchasing music online was a thing, so I had to haunt music stores that sold the obscure imports to find them all.  I have long-since uploaded most of my collection to iTunes, but in my nostalgia last night, I tracked down all of my Backstreet Boys CDs to upload the last few, and hunted down all the artwork online.  It was awesome.

I stayed up later than I really care to admit indulging in their music, but hey… I’m still not ashamed to admit how much I love them.  Although I’m not nearly as obsessed as I once was, I still buy their CDs, and their music still rocks.  For all the ridicule I endured for loving them, at least I can say that my thirteen-year-old self was right when she said I would be a Backstreet Boys fan forever.

Seventeen years and counting.  xD


Introducing The Pillow Game

After yesterday’s update, you may be wondering what I’m working on that’s so much cooler than my Short Stories Art Project (which I’m now putting on the back burner).  Well, I did mention something about The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends, didn’t I?

What’s so important about this imaginary pillow thing, you ask?

The story of The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends is project I first conceived in January of 2012, originally called Imaginary Mafia.  It was inspired by a dream I had around that time.  In my dream, I was in a very stressful situation, where I felt emotionally and physically threatened by a specific person in my life.  Suddenly, I had an entourage of fictional characters and imaginary friends (including Aurthose, of course) surrounding me protectively, intimidating my attacker.

I assume it must be a fantasy of most authors to actually meet their characters.  After all, they are our beloved children and friends.  I then conceived of a story that could encapsulate the temptation and danger of make-believe for the creative mind.  After building up my cast of characters and dreaming up the plot and setting, I ended up with a story so massive, it could not fit into a traditional novel.

Ultimately, I ended up with the concept of a story that would be like a TV show that you read.  As of this past weekend, I finally finished drafting my first episode of this adventure.  (And I am currently working on the second.)


My soft goal for publishing to ThePillowGame.com is as follows:  I plan to finish writing the entire first season by the end of this year while working with Nikki and Shawn for art and illustrations for each episode.  Episode I should then premier in January of 2015, exactly three years from it’s conception.

For this reason, I’ll likely be less attentive to my blog in the coming months.

Update: Short Stories Art Project

I’ve decided to postpone my Short Stories Art Project in favor of other creative pursuits.  After getting back in touch with Nikki and Eri, and completing my final draft of the first Episode of The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends, I have ultimately come to the conclusion that my Short Stories Art Project belongs on the back burner.  That being said, I do intend to complete the criteria at some point, but I’m removing the deadlines I originally set for myself.

Beauty and the Beast @ 10:19 pm

I went to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (the musical production) at the Windspear with my mom today.  Although I was a tiny-bit bummed that it wasn’t the original production I saw several years ago, and I was more than a little bummed that they skipped one of my favorite songs from the show, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!

Doodles with Sosi!

So, last night, my soul sister, Nikki (a.k.a. Sosi), and I stayed up till the crack of dawn doodling together via screen sharing.  In the process, we had some discussions about the future of artwork for The Pillow Game, and by the end of it, I am left feeling as utterly enamored with her art as I always have been.

The only thing I have to show for our doodle-fest on her part is the following portrait of me that she has begun:

Work-in-progress Portrait of Jo Wilson (me) by Nikki Jenkins, 2014

Work-in-progress Portrait of Jo Wilson (me) by Nikki Jenkins, 2014

And as for what I worked on… well, I played around with coloring an older sketch of mine, previously posted to deviantART:

Panther by Jo Wilson; original sketch 2011, work-in-progress colors 2014

Panther by Jo Wilson; original sketch 2011, work-in-progress colors 2014