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Blush by Jo Wilson May 27th in Jo History


So, this is my first piece of vanity art for the year, and the first to depict my new hair color.  (The painting doesn’t show you my ridiculously long roots, of course.)  It kind of sums up my current mood these last few months.  (You can Check it out on deviantART, if you like.)

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Bravest of Heart by Jo Wilson April 14th in Jo History


This is a portrait of my original character, Dean Cassidy, who is the main protagonist of my EPIC MASTERPIECE.  (His face is modeled after Jared Padalecki’s.)  I painted this using Photoshop CC (2014) and Wacom Intous Pen and Tablet.

Boy With No Name by Jo Wilson April 12th in Jo History


So, this is my first painting for my Short Stories Art Project.  Of my three artworks for my short story Boy With No Name, this is my character portrait of the title character.  Per my own rules, I had to try something I’ve never tried before, so I experimented with color.  I also opted to skip out on the texturing I usually add to make my paintings look canvas-y.  I was so in love with the details — flawed as some of them are — that I wanted it raw with out any color filters or textures aside from what I actually painted. Continue reading

Entourage by Jo Wilson April 8th in Jo History


A family-style portrait of myself and my (imaginary) boys.  On the far left is Bae, and to the right of him is Max.  On the far right is Aurthose — although not my favorite iteration of his face.  For a bigger version, check it out on my deviantART.

Self Authored by Jo Wilson April 3rd in Jo History


This painting was previously used as the featured graphic in the header banner for Auridesion.com, but I’ve since changed it to something else in my recent updates.  It currently still plays a role on the site information page, but I plan on changing that soon, so I decided to post the painting before I remove it from the last place you can still find it.

I didn’t realize until just now that I hadn’t previously submitted it to deviantART, which was a really big shock to me.  I’ve corrected that now, of course.  So, if you would like to see a bigger version of the painting, check it out here.

Young Soul by Jo Wilson March 26th in Jo History

"Young Soul" by Jo Wilson (2012)

This is a portrait of my mother, Sharon. I originally planned for this to be a gift for her birthday in 2012 — which is at the beginning of February. I ended up making her something else (with the help of my stepmother, Brenda) for her birthday, but painted this anyways.

I really like the way it came out, and I think it captures my mother’s playful side. You’d never believe she’s older than 29 by the way she fiercely lives her life. And even though she and I often clash, I’m very proud to humbly pay homage to her with my art.

Painted with Photoshop CS4 and Wacom Bamboo pen and tablet.

View larger version on deviantART.

Short Stories Art Project

Until recently, I have been neglecting my digital art.  I got it in my head a few weeks ago that I wanted to paint the Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who.  After that, I was inspired to paint some more.  In less than a month, I ended up with four Doctor Who portraits, a painting of Bob and me, and not just one but two characters from my (still unfinished) epic masterpiece.

What’s funny to me is that even after I spent all of my free time this past weekend pretty much doing little other than paint, I still wanted to paint some more… only I had run out of ideas of what to paint.  I was inspired to jot down some notes about my epic masterpiece in the meantime, and suddenly and idea occurred to me for an art project.

Although my method of painting largely relies on using photo references, and I find great difficulty painting something “from scratch” without it looking disproportionate (anatomy) and flat (lighting), I’ve decided that I would like to paint some illustrations for the short stories I’ve posted here.  While I know that I’ll struggle with such a challenge, I’m hoping that it will help me get my mojo back.

So, here are my proposed perimeters for this project:

  • At least one character portrait for each of the three short stories currently posted.
  • At least one illustration of a scene described in each short story.
  • Update the pages for each short story with the portrait and illustration(s).
  • Focus on one story each month, for the next three months:
  • Each painting has to be unique and not look like a series of paintings (meaning, not like my Portraits of the Doctor, or my character portraits for The Pillow Game).
  • On each painting, I have to try something I’ve never tried before.

After completing each individual painting during this project, I will post it here on my blog, and to deviantART.  At the conclusion of the project, I will update each of the static pages for the three short stories to include the paintings.

I think this project will be a wonderful form of mental preparation for continuing work on The Pillow Game: Imaginary Friends.  I’ve delayed it for a long while now, partially because I haven’t had my collaborators there to help me out.  It might not be my epic masterpiece, or even the novel I need to re-write, but it is a story I’m very passionate about.  If I can feel confident of my ability to illustrate The Pillow Game moving forward, I might be that much less disparaged at the idea of writing it alone.