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Getting ready to revamp again…

(Did I mention I’m a red-head now?)

So, I have long neglected my websites because of personal reasons.  Namely, a bout of severe depression, breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of said ex-boyfriend’s apartment, being sad about the break-up, working on other creative endeavors to cheer me up, getting the fuck over said ex-boyfriend (who, as it turns out, is kind of an asshole), and being a much more social person by spending time with friends.

Honestly?  I’m probably going to keep neglecting my websites for longer still, but they have been on my mind recently.  I want to do another re-design, I think.  Largely because the current design reminds me of my ex, because we were still together when I put the design together, and I relied heavily on his feedback to get it looking good.  That, and I’m sick of it.  So, it’s time for a change.

I don’t know how far the re-design will go.  I’ll figure that out later… after I’ve neglected it some more. xD

In the meantime, check out what I made for my boy deakonlogic.  While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go listen to Demi Lovato while I get ready for bed.  (I am really into Demi right now.)

WordPress Update & More Design Tweaks

I had been putting off updating WordPress long enough, so I finally got that taken care of.  You really won’t notice any difference on the front end, but if you sign in with your account you’ll notice a change in the control panel/system admin design.

I have implemented several miscellaneous design tweaks.  If you notice them, awesome.  If you don’t… well, there are a lot of them.  To sum it up:  I’ve changed a lot of little things you may not notice, fixed a couple of design bugs that cropped up as a result of updating WordPress, updated the format of some posts and pages, and overhauled the primary menu.

For the complete list of changes…

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Menus: A Work in Progress

WARNING!  This is a very long post.  TL;DR – I updated the menu and felt like blogging about it.

So, I haven’t really been satisfied with the main menu — a feeling that’s been going on for a really long time now.  I could never seem to find the exact right balance that made me happy.  Since my Auridesion.com uses WordPress as not only a blog platform but also a CMS (content management system), it can be really difficult — and not very smart — to mess around with the files that generate the markup and structure of webpages based on what’s in my database.

If that sounded like gibberish to you, let me a’splain:

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Lots of Things To Do @ 11:35 pm

I have a huge list of website stuff I need-slash-want to do, but I don’t have the will power to get any of it done at the moment.  I will post about my ideas for the changes to help motivate me — but I’ll post it later.

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