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Getting ready to revamp again…

(Did I mention I’m a red-head now?)

So, I have long neglected my websites because of personal reasons.  Namely, a bout of severe depression, breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of said ex-boyfriend’s apartment, being sad about the break-up, working on other creative endeavors to cheer me up, getting the fuck over said ex-boyfriend (who, as it turns out, is kind of an asshole), and being a much more social person by spending time with friends.

Honestly?  I’m probably going to keep neglecting my websites for longer still, but they have been on my mind recently.  I want to do another re-design, I think.  Largely because the current design reminds me of my ex, because we were still together when I put the design together, and I relied heavily on his feedback to get it looking good.  That, and I’m sick of it.  So, it’s time for a change.

I don’t know how far the re-design will go.  I’ll figure that out later… after I’ve neglected it some more. xD

In the meantime, check out what I made for my boy deakonlogic.  While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go listen to Demi Lovato while I get ready for bed.  (I am really into Demi right now.)

More Menu Changes… @ 2:50 am

I’ve made more changes to the primary menu.  I’m still working on updating the sub-menus, so those won’t be operational for a bit.  I’ll make an update post later. I’m calling it a night.

Menus: A Work in Progress

WARNING!  This is a very long post.  TL;DR – I updated the menu and felt like blogging about it.

So, I haven’t really been satisfied with the main menu — a feeling that’s been going on for a really long time now.  I could never seem to find the exact right balance that made me happy.  Since my Auridesion.com uses WordPress as not only a blog platform but also a CMS (content management system), it can be really difficult — and not very smart — to mess around with the files that generate the markup and structure of webpages based on what’s in my database.

If that sounded like gibberish to you, let me a’splain:

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Officially Under Construction

Starting yesterday and today, you’ll notice that certain elements of the design of Auridesion.com is a bit erratic at present and throughout the near future. That’s because instead of updating my design on my testing server, I’m updating directly to the live server. Strictly speaking, that’s not the best practice in the world, but it’s easier for me to do it this way with my current setup. (Been having some issues with my testing server to boot.)

I’ll make a formal update post about it when I’m done.

Up to My Ears in Code

So, I realize that I’ve largely neglected my blog of late for reasons that had less to do with being busy, and more to do with feeling overwhelmed by everything else going on.  More recently, my neglect has been due to finally getting around to working on The Pillow Game.

When I first decided to go back to school to get a degree in web design, my very first website became the first iteration of The Pillow Game.  It was a classroom version, which didn’t really encompass much of my original concept — because I had to follow certain guidelines for that first assignment.  So, what I considered to be the true first version of the website was published in 2009 to thepillowgame.com.

Originally, my concept was to make a website that was all-inclusive of the many types of things I wanted a website for: I wanted a vanity website; an excuse to create content about myself and post my creativity for all to see.  I wanted a blog, one where I could talk about my interests, my personal life, and offer advice on things to share my expertise.  I wanted to create and run my own online forum and built a community.  Most importantly, I wanted a means to tell the story of what The Pillow Game is and what it means to me.

Funny how I kept biting off more than I could chew.  My first version of the website made it so far as to get all four aspects up and running, but my design skills were still lacking as a novice, and the project proved to be far too ambitious.  As I learned how to do new things, I tried to re-make the website.  I gave a facelift to the design, and I really liked it, but ultimately I gave up on it too, for the same reasons:  Every new thing I had learned didn’t really prepare me for what I needed and wanted to do with the website.  Beyond any of that, a lot of my failure had mostly to do with a lack of time.  Time was the murderer responsible for my failed third attempt; although, in time’s defense, I did try to expand the size and scope of the website twice over, yet again, biting off way more than I could chew.

When I realized that TPG 3.0 was a bust, I basically stripped the website down to a “Coming Soon” splash page which sat there for over a year.  So, what am I doing now?

Working on the fourth generation, of course.  xD

My concept has changed dramatically — and it’s a concept I dreamed up several months ago, but am only now putting into action — because I realized my true point of failure was losing sight of why it was called the pillow game.  I plan to talk more about it at The Looking Glass, which is the new blog at The Pillow Game, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

Suffice it to say that the real reason I purchased the website domain was so that I could share something very near and dear to my heart, something I call the pillow game.  So, instead of putting together a bunch of vanity pages that are little more than an extended biography of my creative passions, and creating a a bunch of features that I use other websites for (like deviantART and Facebook)… I decided that the best way to tell the true story of the pillow game, I would turn it into a fictional story called — you guessed it — The Pillow Game.

I have a really good feeling about it.

With all the stress currently going on in my life, I find that I need the pillow game more than ever.  So, while I’m trying to struggle through writing a novel, I’ll also be working on Aeva McPherson’s adventures in The Pillow Game.  Although I’m not ready to publish the first part of the story just yet, I’m getting the website ready because it’s very therapeutic to be up to my ears in code while re-designing the site for it’s new direction.

I’m doing live editing, meaning that the website is live through all of the changes I’m putting it through.  You’re welcome to check it out, but keep in mind that certain parts of it might be a little buggy until I announce the all clear.