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I use tags as easy search functionality more so than as categorical labels. Below, you will see an archive all posts that mention or refer to vanity art, but some posts may not center on that topic.

Blush by Jo Wilson May 27th in Jo History


So, this is my first piece of vanity art for the year, and the first to depict my new hair color.  (The painting doesn’t show you my ridiculously long roots, of course.)  It kind of sums up my current mood these last few months.  (You can Check it out on deviantART, if you like.)

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Self Authored by Jo Wilson April 3rd in Jo History


This painting was previously used as the featured graphic in the header banner for Auridesion.com, but I’ve since changed it to something else in my recent updates.  It currently still plays a role on the site information page, but I plan on changing that soon, so I decided to post the painting before I remove it from the last place you can still find it.

I didn’t realize until just now that I hadn’t previously submitted it to deviantART, which was a really big shock to me.  I’ve corrected that now, of course.  So, if you would like to see a bigger version of the painting, check it out here.