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Kiss Me, I’m Irish by Jo Wilson April 18th in Jo History

Kiss me, I'm Irish -- April 11th, 2006

I actually am Irish.  Well, I’m an American of (primarily) Irish descent.  I also have a significant chunk of Choctaw, but mostly Irish.  Although you can’t see the whole thing, the hat says, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish / (And You’re Hot)” around the shamrock. I also have a hoodie that matches this hat — and yes, I still have the hat — but I only wear them at the same time on Saint Patrick’s Day.  This picture was taken on April 18th, 2006. 

Time For Snuggles? by Jo Wilson April 13th in Jo History


I’ve been sorely missing Phoenix these last few weeks — and especially these last few days.  When I came across this picture of her today and saw the date it was taken, I knew I had a prime candidate for another installment of Today in Jo History.

This was taken in 2012 — during the several months I lived with my mom before I moved in with Bob.  My favorite thing about living with my mom was that it meant living with Phoenix.  She’s my baby-girl, and we’re just like this *crosses fingers*. She would sleep with me every night, and loved to burrow under the covers and snuggle with my legs.

Dusty and Me by Jo Wilson March 31st in Jo History

Dusty and me, 2005

Holding Dusty — my very first canine companion — while rocking my wire-rimmed glasses of yesteryear.  Taken on March 31st, 2005 (about a year after I graduated high school).

Smirky-Faced Me by Jo Wilson March 18th in Jo History

Smirkyfaced Jo - March 18th, 2011

This was taken back when Cassie and I lived together.  Remember how I said that Phoenix ate my pretty Dolce & Gabbana glasses?  Yeah, these were my backups.  I originally got these glasses back in 2006, when I finally retired my wire-rimmed glasses.  After Phoenix ate my D&G’s, I went back to these, and actually wore those until September of last year.  This picture was taken on March 18th, 2011.

Emo Hair by Jo Wilson March 6th in Jo History

Emo hair style - March 6th, 2012

This is a grungy picture, sure — and my hair is a stringy hot mess, but I still love this picture.  I don’t know why.  It’s one of those images that at the same time makes me want to pick out my flaws, but fall in love with those perceived flaws.  Although this was taken after I had moved out of my mom’s house and my garage office had been dismantled, this was taken in the garage of my mom’s house while I was staying with her before moving in with Bob.  Taken on March 6th, 2012.

Mad Hatter in the Garage by Jo Wilson March 4th in Jo History

Hanging out in the garage - March 4th, 2009

Those are my first pair Dolce & Gabbana glasses (I always called them my “dee and gee” glasses).  Phoenix age them a few months after this was taken, and I had to start wearing my backup glasses, which were also black plastic-rims, but not as cool as these.  This was also during my phase where I wore hats all the time, because hats are awesome.

As for the setting:  That’s the garage at my mom’s house.  When I lived with her, instead of using my side of the garage to park my car, I had setup an office since I didn’t have enough room in my bedroom for my computer setup.  Although I don’t really recommend putting your office environment (especially not if you have expensive computer equipment) in a garage during a Texas summer, I had a lot of great memories in that garage office.

This picture was taken on March 4th, 2009.