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Nick Carter – “I’m Taking Off”

I can’t stress enough how much I love this song. xD


You’re just a chemical reaction
A love the galaxies erased
I thought that I was going crazy
You took me to another place
Another big bang explosion
Don’t even know who you are
Something about you is changing
You’re acting like an alien

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It’s like a chemical burn
Peeling off your skin
And when you see your face
Well, you’ll never be the same again

— “Burn Bright” by My Chemical Romance

Fake Your Death

In the fall of 2006, something utterly incredible happened to me:  I discovered my favorite band of all time, My Chemical Romance.  You may remember me telling the story about how I discovered them in this post about how super psyched I was listening to the Conventional Weapons sessions, which they had just finished releasing.  Only a month or two after I wrote that, they announced the end of My Chemical Romance.

In March of this year, almost exactly to the day of that announcement, Warner Bros. Records will be releasing May Death Never Stop You, a final tribute to my favorite band in the form of a greatest hits album.


© 2014 My Chemical Romance & Warner Bros. Records

The only never-before-released track on this album will be “Fake Your Death” — which will be the last new My Chemical Romance song.  According to Gerard Way, former lead singer and front man of the band (as quoted via extended tweets on Twitter):

Gerard Way wrote:

I consider “Fake Your Death” to be the “last MCR song”, and to me, it is absolutely the final fully realized collaboration between the members of the band. Oddly, or fittingly, it was written while the Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils and won the Stanley Cup, though this did not inform or inspire the song as I was unaware (along with James and Doug) that this was happening and have only a small interest in sports. After the game, the rest of the band had arrived at the studio where we added elements to its existing structure, fleshing it out some more, and it started to form.

What was not so obvious at the time was that the song was, and would serve as, a eulogy for the band, though I should have known it from the lyrics. I think internally I did, as I felt an odd sense of sadness and loss after hearing back the words on top of the music. I also felt a strange sense of pride in how honest it was, and could not remember a band recording a song of this nature, being so self-aware. Ending felt like something honest, and honest always feels like something new.

So it will exist, and it is no cowardly act to release something of this nature, but a service to those who believed in a band that did not compromise, and a wave goodbye to all. And yes, it is fucking heartbreaking.

And while I don’t believe the lyrics of the chorus today- I did at the time, which to me is a core ingredient to the music of MCR. And it is through that belief, and yours, that we were able to achieve many beautiful things.

@gerardway via TwitLonger

As of yesterday, I heard their last song for the first time, and it brought me to tears.  To be fair, I didn’t really absorb the song itself so much as the sentiment Gerard described in his thoughts above.  I was crying about the end of My Chemical Romance.  The finality of it was utterly overwhelming.

My first impulse, when facing that kind of finality, is to go back to the beginning.  Immediately after I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?  Yeah, I totally re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, if only to live in that memory of where it all began, to resurrect the feeling that the adventure was only beginning.  When I last wrote about My Chemical Romance, I didn’t go into as much detail as I wanted to about the beginning of my journey with my favorite band, mostly because it wasn’t really on-topic with the subject at hand.  I’d like to shed some more light on it this time around, if only to pretend for a bit longer that it isn’t over yet.

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Conventional Weapons

In October of 2006, not two weeks before my 21st birthday, I happened to be hanging out with my friend Hanna.  We went out to eat, I think, and on the car ride home we happened to be in one of those rare situations where the radio was playing.  I hate listening to the radio, because you don’t have much control over what you’re listening to.  And commercials.  Oh God! The COMMERCIALS!  *Pulls hair out*  I hate commercials.

Anyhow, I was looking though the CDs she had in the car and whilst I looked for something that caught my fancy… suddenly a song began playing on the radio that caught my ear.  This was back before my iPhone or Shazzam… so I turned to Hanna frantically, and asked her, “Do you know this song?  Do you know who it’s by?”

She shook her head.  She didn’t know!  What was I gonna do?!

Fortunately, the DJ on that radio station answered my question.  “That was My Chemical Romance–” he said, before he cut to a phone call dedication and the next song.

I had heard of the band before, but to my knowledge I’d never heard any of their music.  For some reason, I had assumed they were some screamo band that was too black/goth for my taste based on what little I thought I knew of them.  Maybe it was the images of the band I’d seen, white make-up with blood and greasy hair…?

Little did I know that they would become my all-time favorite band.  Like.  Ever.

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