Frequently Asked

This is where you can find answers to questions like “What the heck does ‘auridesion’ even mean?” or “Where are you from?”

What does “auridesion” mean?

“Auridesion” probably sounds like a funny name for a website — at least, it would if you knew how to pronounce it.  (Say it like this:  “OH-ree-DEH-see-own” — with a hacky French “R” if you can manage it.)  I’ll bet you’re wondering what the heck it means.  There’s no use trying to look it up in a dictionary, either, because you won’t find it there.  It’s a made-up word, which would account for why you probably haven’t ever heard of it before.  Not only is it a made-up word, it’s part of an entire made-up language I created for the sake of my epic masterpiece (which is still a work in progress). Auridesion happens to be my favorite word in that fictional language I made up, because it means “infinite creation.”

“Be not creative. Be creation.” What’s that supposed to mean?

Well, to me, it means a lot of things. It has some spiritual connotations, sure, but mostly it’s a reminder and a philosophy that as a creative person, we shouldn’t just come up with ideas, we should do something about them. Don’t just dream it, create it.

What’s up with the initials A.R.W.?

The short answer: Those are my initials. “Jo” is technically a nickname. For the long answer, you should read The Story Behind My Name.

Where are you from, Jo?

I was born, raised and still live in Dallas, Texas. I spent a lot of time in east Texas where my family is, so I consider myself as much from that area as Dallas.

If you have any other questions, contact me and I’ll add them here.