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Getting ready to revamp again…

(Did I mention I’m a red-head now?)

So, I have long neglected my websites because of personal reasons.  Namely, a bout of severe depression, breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of said ex-boyfriend’s apartment, being sad about the break-up, working on other creative endeavors to cheer me up, getting the fuck over said ex-boyfriend (who, as it turns out, is kind of an asshole), and being a much more social person by spending time with friends.

Honestly?  I’m probably going to keep neglecting my websites for longer still, but they have been on my mind recently.  I want to do another re-design, I think.  Largely because the current design reminds me of my ex, because we were still together when I put the design together, and I relied heavily on his feedback to get it looking good.  That, and I’m sick of it.  So, it’s time for a change.

I don’t know how far the re-design will go.  I’ll figure that out later… after I’ve neglected it some more. xD

In the meantime, check out what I made for my boy deakonlogic.  While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go listen to Demi Lovato while I get ready for bed.  (I am really into Demi right now.)

New Beginnings

That’s a really cheesy title for a blog post. Trust me, I know.  But hey, it’s appropriate, so we’re just gonna roll with it.  Mmk?

A year ago — right around this time last year, in fact — I had just arrived in East Texas to stay with my dad and Brenda (my amazing stepmom) indefinitely.  Why?  Because I was broke, jobless and couldn’t afford to renew the lease on my apartment.  They took me in to help me get back on my feet.  Once I did get a job, I moved back to the Dallas area — but it was a lateral move really, considering it was into my mother’s house. In the meantime, I was still hung up on my ex-boyfriend, CODENAME: SAILOR (he’s in the US Navy), suffering from hella writer’s block, and ready for something to give.  It was easy to be motivated at first, by what seemed like positive progress (i.e., getting a job, SAILOR acting like he might want to get back together, etc.), but everything fell apart again.

Long story short:  I hope I never get pneumonia again.

Little did I know last year that today I would be writing this from the comfort of my new home.  A cozy (read “tiny”) one-bedroom apartment in my hometown, where I live with the love of my life and my best friend.  Bob. *Swoons*

Stop laughing.  That’s really his name.


Anyways… The point is that I’m happy, healthy(ish), and looking forward to the future again.  As cheesy as it is, I’m starting a new chapter in my life — so, I decided to celebrate by giving my websites a facelift!  Woohoo!

Considering that it’s two in the morning and I can always use a good excuse to add new posts later… I think I’m gonna shut up now.  That means you’ll have to wait to hear more about my amazing boyfriend and the epic changes I’ve got planned for my websites. Good night, World!

PS: Alle, I’m really sorry I didn’t get on IMVU earlier tonight.  Dx
I’ll textplain tomorrow.