Since I was fifteen, there is a world I’ve been dreaming up with a story so epic I’m still outlining it to perfection. As it is very near and dear to my heart, I’m keeping the name of it top secret for now. When I’m finally done writing it, it will definitely be my masterpiece. Posts with this tag will have something or other to do with it.

I use tags as easy search functionality more so than as categorical labels. Below, you will see an archive all posts that mention or refer to EPIC MASTERPIECE, but some posts may not center on that topic.

Bravest of Heart by Jo Wilson April 14th in Jo History


This is a portrait of my original character, Dean Cassidy, who is the main protagonist of my EPIC MASTERPIECE.  (His face is modeled after Jared Padalecki’s.)  I painted this using Photoshop CC (2014) and Wacom Intous Pen and Tablet.