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Happy Bring Home a Puppy Day!

So, I don’t know if you know this — even though I totally mentioned it in my homage to Xander Wilson back in August — today marks the fifteenth anniversary of my favorite holiday, which I have decided should be called The Day My Parents Brought Home a Little Brother for Dusty Day.

Xander, 2009

Xander, 2009

Definitely the best investment my family ever made.  (May Dusty and Xander both rest in peace.)

In other, completely-unrelated-to-April-Fool’s-Day news, deviantART (where I post most of my artwork) has this crazy awesome new feature called thoughtART.  You can MAKE ART WITH YOUR MIND!  I totally used it and thought a painting into existence.  My subconscious mind named it Squeals of Kittens, and it’s definitely the best painting I’ve ever painted with my brain.

Then, I decided to check in at DramaFever (where I watch all of my K-Dramas) and would you believe they’ve got a new feature too?  They are replacing all subtitles with emoji — you know, smilies and emotive icons and what not.

Well, I couldn’t understand all of that gibberish emoji stuff (it’s not really my thing), so I went to ThinkGeek to shop for some fangirl paraphernalia.  I they now have Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak Klingon — which is GREAT news because now when I watch episodes of Star Trek and TNG, I won’t have to read the subtitles when they’re speaking in Klingon!  Isn’t that awesome?!

I thought so.  xD

Dusty and Me by Jo Wilson March 31st in Jo History

Dusty and me, 2005

Holding Dusty — my very first canine companion — while rocking my wire-rimmed glasses of yesteryear.  Taken on March 31st, 2005 (about a year after I graduated high school).


Rest In Peace, Xander Wilson

When I was six years old, my parents got me a puppy.  Despite the many years since that day, I remember it well.  My parents shuffling me outside at my grandparents house because they had something they wanted to show me.  What I found was a cute little Yorkshire Terrier with floppy ears.  We named him Dusty — formally Dustin Alexander Wilson — and he became my best friend in the whole world.  My mom later told me that she had always been a little jealous of the bond that Dusty and I had, and when I was fourteen we welcomed another cutie to our family.

[Image] Xander

Xander as a puppy with his very first toy.

After being part of our family for thirteen years, we said goodbye to Xander today.  I guess I have decided the best way to deal with my loss is to write about it.

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