Ask Aurthose

Hello, dearie. If you have not formally met me before, then know that I am Aurthose. As I am an imaginary person, I do not require sleep as Jo does, and often I find myself rather bored when she is otherwise engaged. As I have conceived of nothing better with which to occupy my time, I offer my services to you, whoever you are, in the form of answering your burning questions.

My psychic ability works much like the Magic 8 Ball. If you ask me a YES or NO question, I will answer it with disarming honesty and unbelievable accuracy.


In this activity, you are not interacting with a real entity, person or imaginary friend. This activity is meant for fun, and should not be taken seriously. The answers are randomly generated by a pre-populated list of possible responses (which is why they must be "yes" or "no" questions). If any of the responses you received while interacting with this activity has deeply upset you, please consider the question you asked and seek counsel with someone you love and/or trust about your feelings on that topic.