Backstreet Boys Forever

So, last night I randomly decided I was in the mood to listen to the Backstreet Boys, which turned into an hour or so of curating my Backstreet Boys collection in iTunes.  At the height of my obsession, I tracked down almost every single for the sake of owning every B-side that never made it onto one of their albums.  I even went so far as to track down their imported stuff.  And of course, this was all before purchasing music online was a thing, so I had to haunt music stores that sold the obscure imports to find them all.  I have long-since uploaded most of my collection to iTunes, but in my nostalgia last night, I tracked down all of my Backstreet Boys CDs to upload the last few, and hunted down all the artwork online.  It was awesome.

I stayed up later than I really care to admit indulging in their music, but hey… I’m still not ashamed to admit how much I love them.  Although I’m not nearly as obsessed as I once was, I still buy their CDs, and their music still rocks.  For all the ridicule I endured for loving them, at least I can say that my thirteen-year-old self was right when she said I would be a Backstreet Boys fan forever.

Seventeen years and counting.  xD

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  1. Nicole

    I was inteoducing my (1yr old) son to the music of the Backstreet Boys the other day and of course it made me think of you. He loved it so we ended up having an hour long Backstreet dance party…you are cordially invited to come rock out to the Backstreet Boys with us whenever you can!

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